Pepco Intros New Streetlight Outage Reporting Map

The new Bing map makes it easy to report streetlight outages.


The next time you spot a burned-out streetlight, try Pepco's new upgraded online streetlight outage reporting system.

It's an easy system to use. At the "Report a Streetlight or Area Light Problem" page of Pepco's website, one may enter in the streetlight pole's number or an address in the vicinity of the streetlight, and one will be presented with a Bing map indicating where all of the streetlights are located in that area.

Hover the cursor over the green dot representing the streetlight that is out, and one will get a pop-up menu with a link allowing one to "click here to report a problem for this light."

"Once a streetlight problem is reported, the new reporting system sends the customer an email with a tracking number, location and pole number. When a streetlight is submitted for repair, the respective icon on the map will appear red; once the light has been repaired, its respective icon will turn green," according to a Pepco statement.

Typically, the streetlight will be repaired within 15 days. Once the streetlight is back in service, an email confirmation will be sent to the customer, the statement added.

“This system allows Pepco to record comprehensive outage data for streetlights and outage reports and should eliminate the data problems that result in extended streetlight outages," Pepco President Thomas H. Graham said in the statement.


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