Traffic Questions Raised About Darnestown Road

Two questions arose about traffic in areas of Darnestown Road in this week's edition of "Bumper to Bumper" in The Gazette.

Two questions about traffic issues on opposite ends of Darnestown Road (Rt. 28) arose in this week's edition of "Bumper to Bumper" in The Gazette.

Potomac's Katherine Marshall asks The Gazette why the lights between Darnestown Road and Shady Grove Road's entrance to I-270 aren't timed better for the flow of traffic.

"It’s virtually impossible to go in either direction without hitting almost all (if not all the lights) ... it’s maddening," she told The Gazette, adding "This is a recent development — in the last several months or so. I kept thinking I was simply having bad luck but eventually realized it’s not me.”

On the other end of the road, Poolesville's Rich Huelbig wondered if there are any plans to install turn arrows at the intersection of Darnestown Road and Germantown Road (Rt. 118).

"Anyone who travels west or east at rush hour knows how long and sometimes dangerous a wait it can be to turn at that light,” he told The Gazette.

In response, The Gazette spoke with the Montgomery County Department of Transporation and the State Highway Administration.

Do you agree with these issues on and around Darnestown Road or are there others you think are more pressing? What about other areas of North Potomac and Darnestown? Tell us in the comments!

Meg McCormick February 22, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I'm not a big fan of the westbound stretch between Quince Orchard and Riffle Ford, where the left lane becomes left turn only. It backs up during p.m. rush hour when motorists wait till the very end to merge right, either because the signs don't provide enough warning or because they're just pushy.
Greg Cohen February 22, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Agreed, Meg! I always find myself in the left lane forgetting I need to quickly merge over to the right. I'm not a particularly big fan of Turkey Foot, especially between Jones Lane and Travilah Road. Considering how tight spaced and curvy it is, a few lights here and there would be great.
Heather altieri February 23, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Agreed! The lights do not seem to be timed correctly on Darnestown Rd. An additional point of frustration due to the heavy congestion is at Darnestown Rd and Riffle Ford Rd. The evening commute is really daunting as the lanes merge from two lanes to the single lane at Riffle Ford Rd. Lots of people ride the turning lane and then cut off the drivers who merged when they were supposed to. There really needs to be a turning lane at Riffleford to help reduce the traffic congestion.


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