Archstone Gaithersburg Station Starts Renting Apartments

One- and two-bedroom units are available, with a move-in date in mid-April.

Looking for a place to live in Olde Towne?

Archstone-Gaithersburg Station, the much-anticipated new mixed-use development along E. Diamond Avenue, is now leasing one-and two-bedroom apartments.

The company's website list's first-available move-in dates of April 16.

"As the newest apartment community to be built in over 10 years, we’ve pulled out all the stops," the website says. "Archstone Gaithersburg Station brings a surprising combination of amenities to the quaint and charming backdrop of Olde Towne Gaithersburg: recording studios, media screening room and a Click! Internet Café. Lushly landscaped courtyards will be filled with blooming Peonies, soothing water gardens, the warm glow of fire pits and a lagoon-style pool."

Sound appealing?

One-bedroom apartments with about 860-square-feet of living space start in the $1,600s and go up to more than $1,900 for about 985-square feet.

Two-bedrooms with 1,211-square feet start in the $2,100s and go up to the $2,400s for 1,381-square-feet of space.

Archstone plans to lease retail space to tenants on street level, but so far none have moved in.

Jane Doe June 17, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Was looking up reviews of this complex, where I also live, and am so pleased others are speaking up. DO NOT MOVE HERE! Well, it's up to you... Move here if you enjoy: CURFEWS: we can only use the pool and courtyard from 11am-8pm, the media room closes at 11pm). NOISE: it's still under construction. My fault for moving here? Maybe. But consider that management led us to believe construction on our particular building would be over by the time we moved in... not at all the case. DIRT: Mostly due to construction, but its bad. Also, despite it being a smoke free building, the workers smoke like chimneys and leave their butts everywhere. MICE: Yup! Mice! In a brand new building! And we're on the third floor! CHEAP CONSTRUCTION: Our paint smudges if you look at it the wrong way, which is to say very easily, the weather striping on the doors is shoddy, you can see clearly that air from the hallways and outside is coming through. INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT: After giving the place a chance for two months, to see if the gazebo in the courtyard would finish (it didn’t), or if the kinks in the gym’s technical system would get worked out (they didn’t), or if the internet café would become available (it didn’t), I emailed the manager. He basically told me tough luck, it is was it is. Whatever happened to customer satisfaction? Apparently it’s not part of training for Archstone.. Anyways; long story short- DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!
alice July 28, 2012 at 02:23 AM
I just saw the last review and had to speak up. Mice? YES. BIG ISSUE. curfew. Yes. Constant construction. Yes. Invalid promises. Yes. Yes. And, YES. It is ridiculous. It's a slum with a pretty face and a big price tag. Don't rent here!!! I have been here several months. Debris everywhere. Staff smokes. Construction vehicles. Unhealthy and unsafe.
Tonio July 28, 2012 at 02:30 PM
This is a wonderful property!
Amy July 29, 2012 at 02:52 AM
This place is horrible. The management is incompetent. Constant construction. Bad choice.
Asiya September 24, 2013 at 11:05 AM
First off, this apartment community isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I had originally moved to Archstone Gaithersburg Station, because I fell in love with the apartment unit designs and amenities. I leased a corner, one-bedroom apartment, because it offers the largest kitchen, and it overlooked the courtyard. The ceilings are tastefully lined with molding, the bathroom and hallway are made of stone, the cabinets have a beautiful wood finish, and the granite countertops are an added bonus. Even the hallways leading to the apartments are attractive – well lit, polished stone flooring, and molding lining each doorway. The staff is exceptionally friendly. Sadly, I’ve come to hate the apartment building and community. 1. The area isn’t great. But it’s worse when the security features do not work properly and are never fixed. I constantly see random people walking the premises, because the garage gate is wide open or the gates to the courtyards are unlocked. 2. The trains are really loud, but that’s a no brainer. 3. I have had my vehicle vandalized several times in the closed-gate parking garage. I’ve heard from other residents they have faced the same issue. There is 24-hour security walking the premises, but this hasn’t stopped people from mistreating their neighbors’ property. 4. There is always something going wrong, whether the alarm system is constantly going off, the door locks are broken, the doors won’t open, the garage door stays open at all hours, the flooring is shattered, etc. The door leading to my porch does not shut properly, and it lets in bugs. The paint is starting to chip in the bathroom (in areas that are rarely touched by water). Needless to say, things that go broken don’t typically get fixed. Issues that do are not handled in a timely manner. 5. The people that live in the apartment complex do not treat it as their home. The hallways are consistently dirty. Food and trash lined my walk to my door every single day. There are boogers and other human excrement on the walls (and I mean all of the walls). It’s absolutely disgusting. 6. The sound carries from one apartment to the next. I can hear everything from the apartment above to below and to the side of me. I’ve lived in many communities, and this building amplifies sound like no other. 7. In the stairwells, kids smoke marijuana, drink, and do drugs. It always reeks of smoke, and there are blunt wrappers, ash, and other crap on the window sills and floors. 8. I was overcharged by a few hundred dollars a month for my lease. Other tenants are paying much less than I am for the same exact apartment unit. Why the hell would I want to renew my lease? Beware. Stay away. I’ve seen better communities throughout the Gaithersburg area.


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