BioTech Company Plans Gaithersburg Expansion

GeneDX has committed to maintaining its corporate headquarters in the Avenel Business Park in Gaithersburg, the city announced.

Gaithersburg biotechnology company GeneDX plans to expand its 45,000- square-foot property on Perry Parkway, the city announced Thursday.

The company, which also committed to maintaining its corporate headquarters in Gaithersburg's Avenel Business Park, is preparing to occupy an additional 29,000 square feet nearby.

“Gaithersburg prides itself on being a global center for information and biotechnology," Gaithersburg Economic Development Director Tom Longergan said in a statement. "GeneDX is an important corporate partner, and we are happy that they have not only affirmed their commitment to remaining part of this community, but will be increasing their presence here as well."

GeneDX specializes in genetic testing for rare hereditary disorders and employs 206 people in Gaithersburg. The company anticipates adding an additional 50 positions over the next two years, according to the city.


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