MedImmune Partners With Cancer Institutes To Test New Antibodies

Three new antibodies developed by the Gaithersburg-based biologics firm will be tested through two New York cancer research centers.

Gaithersburg biologics firm MedImmune announced Tuesday it has reached an agreement for two New York-based cancer research centers to test three new antibodies "designed to harness the body’s immune system to target tumors," The Washington Business Journal reported.

The Cancer Research Institute and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research will run clinical trials to test novel combinations of immunotherapies including three investigational monoclonal antibodies developed in MedImmune’s pipeline, the Gaithersburg biotech firm said in a news release.

"Different cancer immunotherapies are designed to achieve distinct, yet potentially complementary effects on the immune system," according to MedImmune. "Developing treatments that use combinations of immunotherapies could, therefore, enable scientists to attack a particular cancer on multiple fronts and decrease the chances of immune escape."

Edward Bradley, senior vice president and head of MedImmune’s Oncology Innovative Medicines Unit, said the partnership is an innovative way to advance cancer treatment through immunotherapies.

"By joining forces in the early stages of clinical development, MedImmune can leverage the extensive experience and synergy of these premier cancer research institutions to expand its portfolio of clinical-stage immune-active molecules," Bradley said in a statement.


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