North Potomac, Darnestown Gas Stations Under Close Watch

Gas stations around Montgomery County and Prince George's County are under constant watch, according to a report by NBC Washington.

Are you getting your money's worth at area gas stations? It's quite possible you don't, and surprisingly also possible you get more than you pay for, according to a report by NBC Washington.

In Montgomery and Prince George's counties, NBC found 57 percent of stations had to be re-inspected for a variety of violations. These violations range from small technical issues like labeling and cracked glass on the computer display to cracked or worn hoses, nozzles and other mechanical parts.

Twelve percent of those stations were cited for shortchanging customers, and the worst, according to the report, is located in Rockville. The pump was shorting customers approximately two gallons.

"But it’s not always bad for the driver," the report reads. "Sixteen percent of stations were cited for giving more gas away than the pump showed."

Through a map recording inspection data for D.C. area gas stations, NBC released the following information for pumps in the North Potomac and Darnestown area:

  • (14020 Darnestown Road)
    • Inspected May, 24, 2010
    • Approved
    • One pump rejected May 6, 2010 (fixed and approved at later inspection)
  • Darnestown Chevron (12301 Darnestown Road)
    • Inspected May 24, 2010
    • Approved
    • Two pumps condemned May 6, 2010 for anti-drain valve malfunction (fixed and approved at later inspection)
  • Potomac Valley Shell (12140 Darnestown Road)
    • Inspected May 6, 2010
    • Approved
  • Kentlands Exxon (971 Quince Orchard Road)
    • Inspected Sept. 26, 2011
    • Approved
    • Six pumps rejected, one pump condemned on Aug. 18, 2011 (fixed and approved at later inspection) for the following issues:
      • Station required to contact state office - stop use ordered on pump. Decimal point is missing in unit price. Signage needs to display decimal point. Condemned pump computer advances after delivery.
  • Kentlands Sunoco On the Run (121 Kentlands Boulevard)
    • Inspected Oct. 7, 2011
    • Approved
  • North Potomac Sunoco (10010 Darnestown Road)
    • Inspected Jan. 18, 2012
    • Approved
    • 24 pumps rejected Aug. 29, 2011 (fixed and approved at later inspection) for unit price not properly displayed. Maintenance of equipment required. Road sign price display should indicate the price displayed is cash or credit.
  • Woodmont Shell (1250 West Montgomery Avenue)
    • Inspected June 10, 2011
    • Approved
    • Three pumped condemned May 31, 2011 (fixed and approved at later inspection) for computer advancing price before delivery.

Do you trust you get what you pay for at your local gas station? Have you had any issues with pumps or service at the above stations? Tell us in the comments!


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