Readers Choice: Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Where everyone is a little Irish.

Whether it's downing gallons of green beer, combing the lawn for four-leaf clovers, or jigging to the sound of bagpipes, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in many ways.

Whatever your fancy, Gaithersburg offers plenty of ways to pay tribute to the Irish.

We've compiled a list of our favorite places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day locally. Let us know which one you like best, or add your own favorite in the comments section.

Tent Party at Dogfish Head Alehouse

Beer Olympics at


Take our poll and tell us your favorite way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Leave a comment, upload a picture, or post a review. We'll take a holistic look at deciding your favorite, then post the results on Friday. Voting ends at 9am on Friday.


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