Down in the District: No Country for So Many Fancy Grocery Stores

Ever wonder what our neighbors to the south are up to? Here's a cheat sheet.


We know: Montgomery County is the best place to live, work, play, learn and eat. Though, sometimes, we get a yen to peek into the lives of our neighbors to the south. You know, the ones living in that tiny, little place called Washington, DC? 

Here's a cheat sheet of what's going on in the District:

  • I think it's called a "food rain forest:" Is it possible that parts of DC will soon have too many grocery stores? Maybe. There is a proposed Trader Joe's on U Street that will join Harris Teeter, a Yes! market and tons of other fancy grocery chain stores, plus Giants and Safeways in adjacent neighborhoods. 
  • John Kerry's and Al Gore's names are all over this...monument to presidential candidates who didn't make it to the top spot. It's going on until Nov. 9 at the Washington Post building. 
  • Calling all the "DC types" who want to act with Kevin SpaceyNetflix is casting folks who could play young Hill staffers, older politicians and reporters and blue collar Joes and Janes of all ages. A Bel Air, MD, casting happened last weekend, but email a photo to see if you look the part. 

Head to HuffPost DC for more Washington, DC, news.


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