Make Off With Madoff's Loot

A New Year's Day auction of disgraced investor Bernie Madoff's stuff.

Start the new year off with a bid, if you can afford it.

You can have a chance at buying jewelry, art, and even a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen and Bono, all courtesy of disgraced investor Bernie Madoff, when his belongings go up for auction on New Years Day at the Gaithersburg Marriott in the Washingtonian Center, the Examiner reports.

The proceeds will go to help repay the thousands of victims of his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence.

Among the items up for bid:

  • a more than 52-carat diamond/18-carat gold necklace, estimated value $249,500
  • a rare 18 carat diamond Piaget watch
  • a 10 carat loose diamond, and assorted other ruby, sapphire, and emerald baubles
  • works by Matisse, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Dali, other 19th and 20th century artists
  • Persian and other fine rugs...

The items will be on display starting at 1pm and bidding begins at 2pm.

keith spangler-vellios January 01, 2012 at 10:38 PM
This auction was a scam. This company I have attended their auctions in the past and they are a SCAM! The auctioneer places art items in the middle of the seating to create two sides, and then acknowledges fake bids from nonexistent bidders from one side to the other to create the urgency and to raise the bids and higher first bids. If you watch closely, when he says sold he never tells the clerk the winning bidder's number and she never raises her eyes to see the winning number in the air. I stood in the back and watched and never saw bidders move, twitch or raise hands to place these so called bids! I am going to write the Attorney General of Maryland, Doug Gansler and file a complaint.
Dayna Smith January 06, 2012 at 06:13 PM
The fraudulent auction at Montgomery Village is being perpetrated by the same people who scammed Virginians last year advertising an "Urgent Divorce Auction" in Reston and Fairfax. My husband and I are also contacting the Virginia Attorney General as well as the Auction Board, Consumer Affairs Department, FBI, and police. Look up the name Mohammed Mizani (alias John Marjani), and Dominic Briscoe (alias Nick Wellesly).
victor August 28, 2012 at 02:14 AM
I am going to court with Mr. Mahammed Mazani on 10/1/12 in NJ. Please provide me with any written complaints or anything I could use against him. Victor
Nick Wellesley September 07, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Missy Berry you may reach me at nicowell@mail.com if you want any proof of anything
Nick Wellesley September 07, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Victor mr Mizani will see you at court on oct 1 2012 for your eviction hearing
Nick Wellesley September 10, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Mrs. Smith attended and Auction in Fairfax where she purchased genuine Persian silk rugs. The auction had nothing to do with Mr. Bernard Madoff and was in fact part of a divorce settlement. Mr. Mizani has not conducted and auction in over 15 years and hired and auctioneer to liquidate these items. The auctioneer was not Mr. Dominic Briscoe and proof in the form of photographs are available to back this up. Mrs. smith took the Silk persian rugs to a rug dealer who of course was not happy to see that she had spent her money elsewhere and gave her bogus information. In any event when Mr. Mizani was made aware that she had any complaint he fully refunded her money. Mr. Nic Wellesley is Not and has nothing to do with Mr. Dominic Briscoe and anyone who has seen him would know that because as I said there are photos of them both to compare. Thank you for your time
J Bianco November 03, 2012 at 10:41 PM
I have also contacted the RI state police and will contact RI attorney general Monday after this group was in RI on Friday and conducted this same scam I had these worthless works looked at Today.
N.W January 23, 2013 at 03:19 PM
More utter nonsense, mr. Bianco was one of those people that thinks they know it all but in fact is pitifully ignorant. He was told at the auction exactly what the piece was that he bid on and all in attendance were told not to bid at all unless they knew what they were buying. He was ignorant enough to actually believe that he bought an original Picasso for a few hundred dollars when the piece even came with a certificate stating that the item was no more than a Giclee and the definition of Giclee was on the certificate as well. What a shame that people have to read unpoliced rubbish like what he wrote. It just discourages them from going to auctions , enjoying themselves and, if they have the wherewithal , possibly purchasing an original by a world renowned artist. I suggest that Mr. Branco, who was furnished a full refund by the way, stick to garage sales and art by starving artists, then I am sure he will get what he pays for.


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