Report: Giordano Took Out Life Insurance Policy On Missing Woman

ABC News reporting blood found behind Aruba restaurant where Gaithersburg man and Robyn Gardner were last seen.

ABC News is reporting that Gary V. Giordano, the Gaithersburg man held in Aruba in connection with the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, took out a $1.5 million life insurance policy on Gardner a week before the two traveled to the island.

Authorities are investigating the insurance policy as a possible motive in her disappearance, ABC News reported.

Gardner went missing on the island Aug. 2. Giordano told authorities there she disappeared while the two were on a snorkeling excursion. Since his arrest, allegations of domestic abuse have surfaced against Giordano. His lawyer maintains his innocence.

Monday, a judge in Aruba ordered Giordano   Authorities in Aruba, who have said they are presuming Gardner is dead, are planning an later in the week for her remains or other evidence that could shed light on her disappearance.

On Friday, Giordano's Gaithersburg home.

ABC news is reporting that blood was discovered behind the restaurant where the two were last seen together, and that Gardner seemed "woozy" as the two were dining.

ABC reported that Giordano told authorities Gardner has been drinking vodka and taking sleeping pills, citing police sources. In surveillance videos, Giordano was difficult to identify because he was frequently changing his toupees, police sources told ABC.

As Giordano was attempting to leave the island, ABC is reporting he told customs officials his traveling companion was "taking another flight," citing police sources in Aruba. As he was arrested, Giordano was "drenched in sweat," according to ABC.

teresa August 17, 2011 at 05:30 PM
I feel for the woman and her family and this guy is a real sleazebag but how old do you have to be before you know better than to go on a trip with a complete stranger?
ilkunta August 17, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Things keep looking worse for Giordana. I thought it was spur of the moment that he killed her in anger. It seems he thought this out. To bad he didnt think it all the way out. Killing her 2weeks after the policy is too soon. Dont the policies require 90days minimum payment b4 one collects? Taking a policy out on a gf( not wife, not child's mother, not live in gf) is suspcious. How did he get her SS# to do the policy?


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