City Council Considers County Assistance In HOA Disputes

The Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities would help resolve disputes and provide information to Gaithersburg HOAs, The Gazette reports.

The Gaithersburg mayor and City Council are considering a new partnership with the county to help resolve disputes in city homeowners associations, The Gazette reported.

The Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC) already serves a number of HOAs in the area. The current organization in Gaithersburg is the city’s Neighborhood Services Division, which enforces city codes, according to the Council’s agenda.

Council member Cathy Drzyzgula said the city's current situation finds itself resolving issues within HOA boards when the members can't resolve them, according to the report.

Funding for the CCOC would be $3 annually per resident through their respective annual registration fees, according to city documents.

Robert Utley, a Gaithersburg resident and homeowners’ association member, was supportive of the potential partnership and Craig Wilson, president of Vanguard Management Associates Inc. (a company that offers community management services), said, "This would be a very large benefit for associations in the city," according to the report.

Read the full report on The Gazette. The full presentation from Monday's Mayor and City Council work session can be viewed on the city of Gaithersburg website.

Sharon October 12, 2012 at 04:27 AM
'Bout time the County listened to the need for someone to oversee HOA's that have been allowed to do (or more like it NOT DO) what they want...a checks and balance oversight. Hope our County Council will consider the same so that such applies as well in near future to Montgomery Village HOA's. The 'so-called dispute resolution' as it exists now for homeowners through the County seems more to have been set up as 'red tape' to frustrate homeowners even more. Created more to help inept and absent HOA's while sending homeowners away 'with the tails between their legs' in surrender/submission!!!! Time a 'serious commission' held HOA's accountable for the reasons they were created & the responsilities they claim & promise to fulfill under 'corporation status'. Serves absolutely no purpose when homeowners write mandated HOA fees/checks (under threat of monetary penalties & even legal action by HOA if payments not made) only to sadly witness neighborhoods turn into squalors from HOA's phantom presence & lack of oversight and enforcement (particularly dire home maintenance issues) of covenant regulations they (HOA's) themselves create...at least on paper but not in reality/substance.


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