History Delayed En Route to Gaithersburg

The overnight arrival of the 80-foot Budd car, part of the Gaithersburg Community Museum's rolling stock exhibit, was delayed by 24 hours.

Tnoight's delivery of a restored train car to Gaithersburg's Community Museum in Olde Towne has been delayed by 24-hours due to inclement weather.

The Budd car, an 80-foot-long stainless steel rail car, was scheduled to arrive tonight sometime after midnight. But a rainy forecast prompted officials to push back the delivery by 24 hours.

The car will add nearly 800-square-feet to the Museum's exhibit space.

It was restored by Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. at the B&O Railroad Museum's state-of-the-art restoration facility in Baltimore. From there the rail car will travel by truckbed down I-95, across the Beltway, then north on I-270. 

Councilwoman Cathy Drzyzgula said it took several years to get permission for the train car's passage—a trip which cannot exceed 25mph. 

The car will leave Baltimore around 11:30 tomorrow night and is expected to arrive in Gaithersburg between 3 and 4am. 

The Budd Car renovation was funded by a $250,000 matching bond bill from the State of Maryland. 


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