Report: Judge Rules Against Both Alston, Hall

Both were vying for the same seat in the Maryland House of Delegates amid much controversy, NBC reports.

After weeks of controversy surrounding a Prince George's County delegate seat, neither former Delegate Tiffany Alston or county businessman Greg Hall will represent the 24th district in Maryland House of Delegates.

A Prince George's County judge has ruled against both Alston and Hall, NBC reported

Alston lost her seat after striking a plea bargain in October on charges of using campaign money to help pay for her wedding, but she contended that she was still eligible to serve. 

Hall had been nominated to replace Alston, but last week, at the request of Governor Martin O'Malley, the Democratic Central Committee held a voice vote to recind their nomination of Hall after O'Malley learned of his troubled past. 

The committee has now lost the ability to appoint a replacement for Alston, but today's decision will allow them to make suggestions for filling the open seat, according to NBC. 

Read the full story on NBC. 

tcmitssr December 06, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Neither merits the office, IMHO, due to their criminal records. O'Malley, in his uber liberal quest to succeed Obama has actually stood his ground so as to project a strong anti-crime and corruption message where appropriate as I think about this. His intentions are for the wrong reasons, his own political future but, for once, O'Malley's overabundance of self interest is actually on the right side of the state and the people he serves.
FiFi Griffin December 06, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I am so glad that Ms. Alston FINALLY gets what she deserves -- the front door! I still frown when I think that this women wasted more resources (not including those she stole) trying to get her seat back. Lady... we Marylanders can barely stand the "legal" politicians ... so why do you think we could stand to have an outed thief continue on as a voice in our political matters? You were caught -- and should have stepped down with the last bit of grace you had left instead of dragging this issue out even farther. And as for Mr. Hall -- sorry. I know you've done your time, and are probably a changed man, but your past cannot be forgotten especially when it involved crack and a shoot out. And why, oh why, was this guy not properly vetted before anyone endorsed him??? From a thief to an ex-crack dealer? Really? Geesh!


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