MVF President Endorses Three Candidates For Board of Directors Election

Bob Hydorn will support Scott Dyer, Sharon Cranford and Elena Peterson in the 2013 Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors election.

With four candidates vying for three seats on the Montgomery Village Foundation's Board of Directors, March's election will send one candidate home unhappy.

Running for the seats are current board member Scott Dyer, who is seeking re-election; Sharon Crawford, who serves on the Whetstone Board and is running for a seat on the MVF Board for the first time; Elena Peterson, who is currently president of South Village and is running for a seat on the MVF Board for the first time; and Don O'Neill, who is running for a seat on the MVF Board for the third time.

Typically, the MVF president remains quiet about the candidates leading up to the election, but this year Bob Hydorn has chosen to speak out, announcing endorsements of three candidates to Montgomery Village Patch.

"I will be endorsing Scott, Sharon and Elena," Hydorn wrote in an email. "They are 3 strong candidates that want to see the community moving forward."

After announcing his endorsements, Hydorn took the time to answer some questions about his decision to speak out prior to the March 2013 election:

Montgomery Village Patch: What stands out about each candidate that's earned your endorsement?

MVF President Bob Hydorn: Scott, Sharon and Elena have worked on Village issues for a number of years. They are smart, dedicated and have the temperament and sense of collegiality to work cooperatively with other Board members to move the Village forward.

MV Patch: Why do you feel the community would be better served by electing Scott, Sharon and Elena over Don?

Hydorn: Scott, Sharon and Elena are all current members of their homeowners association boards. They know what it's like to handle budgets, address maintenance issues, work with residents and balance competing interests. Scott is a current MVF Board member.

All three have served on MVF committees. Sharon and Elena served on the Long Range Facility Planning Committee and the Vision 2030 Committee. Both committees provided excellent preparation for service on the MVF Board of Directors. In particular, the Vision 2030 Committee brought together a diverse group of Village residents to offer their views on what the community might look like in the future. Sharon, an attorney, serves on the MVF Audit Committee and Elena has been a member of the Recreation Committee for many years. Both have been active in Friends of Whetstone Lake (FOWL).

Scott has brought his business background and the perspective of a young family to his service on the MVF board.

We need a diversity of opinions but at the end of the day, we need to work together to revitalize the Village. Scott, Sharon and Elena understand what governance is all about.

To the best of my knowledge, Don has not served on any homeowners association board or served on any committee, at either the MVF or HOA level. He has not chosen to work with the community although he has had many opportunities to do so.

MV Patch: You mention you typically stay quiet on elections, but this year cannot. Why do you feel it's necessary to step in and voice your opinion? 

Hydorn: I am speaking out at this year's election because we have a number of important issues coming up in the near future. We have the sale of the Montgomery Village Golf Course and the need to work with the new owners. Revision of the Gaithersburg East/Montgomery Village Master Plan is coming up in 2014 and we are laying the groundwork for that. There will be issues before the legislature and the County Council that will need to be addressed. Montgomery Village needs to speak in a strong, unified voice. Scott, Sharon and Elena will bring their knowledge and commitment to the Village to their service on the MVF Board.

MV Patch: Are there any issus specific to the Montgomery Village area that you hope yo see the candidates address? You've mentioned the change in the times, how do you see these candidates moving forward?

Hydorn: I think I'll let the candidates speak for themselves. There will be two meet and greets and a candidates forum which will give them plenty of opportunity to share their views with residents.

Scott, Sharon and Elena are candidates who will help the Village continue to move forward because they have demonstrated a long-term commitment to our community, have the background and skills to enable us to continue our progress.

SPEAK OUT: Do you support Hydorn's endorsements or do you feel O'Neill is better suited for the MVF Board? Tell us in the comments!

Don O'Neill January 25, 2013 at 08:48 PM
Allison, Perfidious? A very good word. Perfidious can mean deceitful or untrustworthy. It can also pertain to deliberate breach of faith or calculated violation of trust. It is your word, so you choose the meaning of your own question. In the trustworthiness assessment on the top ten issues of critical importance posted earlier, there could be examples of each of the above since every move made is situational and calculated. The question arises, Calculated to achieve what goal? Here the uncertainty over the unstated goal may lead to discomfort, that is, loss of trust.
Don O'Neill January 25, 2013 at 09:08 PM
Sally, On Watkins Mill Middle School, the people who walk and play in Centerway Park and those who live adjacent to it are grateful to this day for the battle waged to protect it. Dr. Weast, the Superintendent of MCPS, actually commended me for a battle well fought after my second appearance before the Board of Education. Even the Board of Education should be grateful because this project was unaffordable and they now know it. On Goshen Road, I measured the width of Goshen Road on hands and knees with a yard stick to determine how wide the road needed to be to meet the traffic objectives stated by the County. My conclusion, seventy-two feet would accommodate the traffic without invoking eminent domain and usurping the backyard property of any Whetstone resident bordering Goshen Road. The County pressed for a width of over one hundred feet to accommodate a sidewalk on one side, a generous bike bath on the other side, and center strip claiming that this was the standard they had to meet. The Village leaders sold out the residents in agreeing to ninety-two feet. Hopefully funding realities and austerity will force the County to scale back and delay this project.
Don O'Neill January 26, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Allison, Perhaps it would also be useful to conduct a trustworthiness assessment on citizen centric Strategic Planning Goals that assist in focusing on the means MVF will employ and the outcomes residents can expect. There goals span numerous issues where Bob Hydorn's trustworthiness can be assessed. Here again trustworthiness connotes warranting trust and having confidence placed in one. 1. Promote the quality of life for MV residents. - Yes 2. Ensure the safety and security of the residents of MV and their property. - No 3. Promote an economic development environment for the community businesses that serve the residents of MV. - Yes 4. Position MV with the County Executive, County Council, and the Maryland delegation to ensure the recognition we deserve and the protection against government overreach and interference we need. - No 5. Encourage the pride of MV residents in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the community needed to boost property values. - No 6. Foster the democratic process. - No
Derek Hale January 27, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Don, In response to your comment: "As part of the process of counting the votes in 2011, Bob Hydorn did handle the ballots." Was Mr. Hydorn ALSO a candidate in 2011? Or simply being helpful in bringing materials from one room to another for the purposes of others counting them?
Don O'Neill January 27, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Derek, Bob Hydorn was a candidate in 2012 not 2011. This year, Bob Hydorn has announced by way of this blog that he has horse in the race. This announcement along with his improper and unsuccessful attempt to ambush my candidacy at the start of the Nominating Committee's proceedings on January 9 are enough to make me uncomfortable with his presence in any capacity at the counting of votes on Saturday March 2, 2013.


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