POLL: Are You Surprised By Supercommittee's Failure?

They had a big job to do, but they couldn't pull it off.

The special congressional supercommittee tasked by President Barack Obama with finding more than a trillion in federal spending cuts gave up and admitted failure yesterday.

The result, after two months of negotiations, is that the country is now potentially facing $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts in January 2013 if another deal is not reached.

Failure, members of the committee said in a statement issued yesterday, was due to partisan differences.

“Despite our inability to bridge the committee’s significant differences, we end this process united in our belief that the nation’s fiscal crisis must be addressed and that we cannot leave it for the next generation to solve,” said the statement from Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.). “We remain hopeful that Congress can build on this committee’s work and can find a way to tackle this issue in a way that works for the American people and our economy.”

Are you surprised the supercommittee flubbed the deal? Were they doomed from the start? Let us know what you think by taking our poll.

Jerry November 22, 2011 at 04:31 PM
The failure was a classic case of "can't see the forest for the trees." The committee was diddling over $1.2 trillion spread out over 10 years. That's $120 billion per year, which is pocket change compared with the annual cost of running Government. If the committee really wanted to fix our broken economy, then it would adapt the winning campaign slogan of former President Clinton: "It's all about energy independence, stupid." In fact, for less than $1 trillion, which is less than the $1.2 trillion the committee is haggling over, the USA could commit 100 percent to nuclear energy. That would rejuvenate the economy in both the short and long terms. In the short term, it would create countless jobs, ranging from engineers and scientists, to construction workers, to security guards. In the long term, the USA would become an energy exporting state, transforming our national debt into a budget surplus that would make Saudi Arabia's look like pocket change. There is enough thorium to fuel nuclear plants for the next 100,000 years, ending our energy and related economic worries for the foreseeable future. For those who are terrified of nuclear energy, consider how it must have been when man discovered fire. The naysayers grunted, "Stay away from fire. It will turn the planet into an uninhabitable cinder." Both then and now, the benefits far outweigh the risks. We could easily usher in a new era of unlimited and reliable energy, and unprecedented prosperity.
Maypo November 22, 2011 at 10:31 PM
Reform the congressional redistricting process to get more competitive elections. Gerrymandering results in jokers like van Hollen who was able to defeat Connie Morelia after a Maryland redistricting effort run by the Statehouse Dems. We lost a smart bipartisan congresswoman and gained a disgusting hack partisan. That's why we need this basic reform
Bob November 23, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Really. We need to raise revenue (Taxes) to lower the National debt. The Republicans won't budge. Look at your household. You get no more money coming in, now cut $20,000 in 2 years. Most people couldn't do it. Because there is always an emergency that we need to pay for, remember Katrina? That money comes from somewhere. Our local taxes alone don't pay for our Police and Fire Departments.
hmj November 23, 2011 at 02:55 PM
Van Hollen and others like him will not even agree to slow the rate of growth in federal spending. He has produced a huge deficit with growing welfare programs and wasteful projects for special interest groups. And where is the President? Leading from behind again?


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