Speak Out: Are Healthy School Lunches Skimpy School Lunches?

Some kids say they're "starving" without french fries and pizza.


There is apparently a new kind of contraband filling kids' lockers in public schools -- giant bags of Doritos and other junk food designed to supplement new healthier lunch menus. Or at least that's what a video spoof shows.

Federal guidelines now in effect at public schools across the country reduce fat and limit calories in response to a program pushed by First Lady Michelle Obama in the first major revision of school menus in 15 years.

But some students say they're not getting the fuel they need to maintain energy throughout the school day or to succeed at after-school activities, including sports.

In fact, they say in the tongue-in-cheek video, they're ready to collapse.

The video "We are Hungry," produced by teachers and high school students in Kansas, has gone viral.

The new school lunch guidelines limit calories for kindergarten through 5th grade to 650 calories, 6th to 8th grade to 700 calories and 9th to 12th to 850 calories, according to CBS News.

Students, say government officials, can have unlimited servings of healthy fruits and vegetables served in their lunch.

In Montgomery County, schools spokesman Dana Tofig says county school lunches are healthier than ever.

"We continue to work on making school lunches as healthy as we can," he said. "We certainly try to go well above and beyond nutrition expectations" from the government.

What do you think? Are kids getting enough to eat in school lunches under the new guidelines?

Jill Klapp September 29, 2012 at 01:35 PM
Our kids ate school lunches in 80's and we ate them in the50's. No one became obese from lunches. It's what they eat outside of school that's the problem and should fall on the shoulders of parents----NOT government!!
Jill Klapp September 29, 2012 at 01:40 PM
No one ever got obese from school lunches-- hungry maybe but not obese. What kids eat outside of school and at home is where the problem lies and it lays squarely on shoulders of parents. Next we'll see our svelte first lady banning Halloween candy or even Trick or Treat. Government needs to stay out of our personal lives.
Momof8 September 30, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I happen to be one of the few parents who have very thin children. They swim 1.5 hours a day and need lots of calories to keep their weight even on the chart. My very tall 9 year old son is 50 pounds. I believe in healthy food but that said, they also need extra calories to help them keep up with their schedules. Having sources of sugar and calories cut from the school menus have actually made it more difficult for them to get the needed calories. In fact, this same 9 year old has already lost 2 pounds since the start of school. I can't get enough calories in him during the rest of the day to keep his weight on let alone help him put on weight. ... Just another perspective ....
Bill Hussein O'Stalin September 30, 2012 at 03:59 PM
School age kids everywhere have come to know and fear Michelle Obama, an unlicensed and untrained nutritionist.


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