CC! Week: "Adult Heroes in OUR Community" Essay Contest Winners (Pt. 3)

As part of National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week in Gaithersburg, Patch shares the winning essays of the 2012 “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

As part of Gaithersburg's "National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week" celebration, elementary and middle school students participated in an “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Participants wrote about someone who has had a positive, personal influence on their lives related to one or more of the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring and fairness. Of the 135 entries, five winners — all Gaithersburg 5th graders — were selected.

Each day this week, Gaithersburg Patch will share a winning essay from the city's “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Wednesday's winner is Isabel English, of Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Isabel selected her grandma, Jane English, as her hero. In an essay titled, "My Astonishing Grandma," she wrote:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s my hero, Jane English, who happens to be my Grandma! She is my hero because she is caring, responsible, and respectful. 

She is caring because every time we go to her house she makes us mouthwatering cookies without wanting anything back from us. She also took care of me when I was sick when we visited her house. She also lets us stay at her farm for the night. Sometimes she lets us pick her scrumptious raspberries and take them home. 

She is not just caring, my Grandma is also responsible. She is responsible because she and my Grandpa had to take care of my brother and I while my parents were away for the weekend, and she did a spectacular job. She also is responsible because she hosts Christmas at her house and has the whole family over, and she makes the house clean for us. One more thing that she does is she hosts Thanksgiving. She and my Grandpa set up four outstretched tables and set them up for us to eat at.

My caring and responsible Grandma is also respectful. She never comments on my opinion. She respects how we play games with her, if she plays a different way. She shows respect by being polite towards us by saying “please” and “thank you.” 

Now you know that it’s not a bird, or a plane, it’s my caring, responsible, and respectful Grandmother Jane English.

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