Montgomery County School Menus, Feb. 19 to 22

A rundown of what MCPS is serving to students this week.

This week's menu for Montgomery County Public Schools' elementary school cafeterias is listed below.

Visit the full menu for calorie information.

The menu for Head Start and pre-kindergarten students varies slightly from the elementary school menu.

Visit the MCPS website for middle school lunchhigh school lunch and middle and high school breakfast offerings.

Day Breakfast Lunch Daily assorted fresh fruit, milk (1 percent or fat-free)
assorted fresh fruit, milk (1 percent or fat-free); the following may be available: whole-grain peanut-butter-and-jelly pocket, whole-grain grilled-cheese sandwich, hummus with pita chips (cheese optional), fruit and yogurt parfait with whole-grain crackers Monday, Feb. 18 No school. Presidents Day. Tuesday, Feb. 19 whole-grain French toast sticks cheese or pepperoni whole-grain pizza or Asian chicken stir-fry with whole-grain rice; grape tomatoes, zucchini coins Wednesday, Feb. 20 egg-and-cheese wrap and orange juice cheese dippers with marinara sauce or whole-grain French toast sticks with sausage; celery sticks, hummus Thursday, Feb. 21 whole-grain turkey ham-and-cheese breakfast sandwich soft or crunchy whole-grain taco with corn or Morningstar Chik’n Nuggets with tater tots; salsa, romaine salad Friday, Feb. 22 whole-grain waffle and orange juice cheese or pepperoni whole-grain pizza or burger with carrots; baby carrots, hummus


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