Kentlands/Lakelands 5K Highlights Both Communities

The Kentlands/Lakelands 5K race takes place Saturday at 8 a.m.

Thinking of a casual morning jog through the Kentlands or Lakelands communities Saturday morning? Think again.

Nearly 1,500 runners and walkers along with many more kids, volunteers and spectators will converge on the Gaithersburg neighborhoods for the 19th annual Kentlands/Lakelands 5K and the opportunity to support both communities and charitable organizations.

Race Director Steve Solbeck said slight changes were made to the course this year, but it still highlights everything the Kentlands and Lakelands communities have to offer.

"It basically goes through both communities and you’re seeing almost everything in both communities," Solbeck said. "Anywhere from the synagogue to the school to the community centers to even the downtown, the finish is going through the downtown area."

Kentlands Community Foundation Director Carrie Dietz echoed Solbeck's sentiments, saying the race provides a unique experience in Montgomery County.

"It really does show that it’s actually different from running through a neighborhood in Potomac," Dietz said. "It’s a very different feel, a different type of community."

In fact, Solbeck said, the sights provided by the race in year's past has even helped an out-of-towner decide to move into the Kentlands.

"He was running through the race and saw a for 'sale sign,'" Solbeck said. "He went back, I think within four days or something, and bought the house."

Solbeck added that the course isn't overly challenging, but there are a few hills runners have to climb along the way.

As of Tuesday afternoon, less than 400 spots remained for the 5K race, which costs $35 to sign up, Dietz told Patch, adding that expo space already is sold out.

Proceeds from the race are split four ways, Dietz said, with 50 percent staying with the KCF to support its ongoing programs such as its film society, community garden and chorus.

The other half is split among three beneficiaries, Dietz said, the largest of which being the Dolores Swoyer Summer Camp Scholarship Fund. The fund helps send underpriveleged city of Gaithersburg kids to camp.

"We were informed that to date, our 5K has given over $100,000 [to the Swoyer fund], which is pretty cool," Dietz said.

The other two beneficiaries of the event are Maryland Senior Olympics—a non-profit that gives Maryland's Senior  athletes the opportunity to compete in 32 different sports each fall—and The Dwelling Place—which provides transistional housing for families in Montgomery County.

The race also serves as a qualifying event for the Maryland Senior Olympics' 5K event, Dietz said. Participants must be at least 55 years old to be eligible.

Other Notes:

  • Per the city of Gaithersburg's towing policy for special events, cars must be moved off designated special event roads from midnight to 12 p.m. Saturday, Dietz said. Kentlands and Lakelands residents along affected roads have been notified and signs line the roads reminding people to move their cars.
  • Although online registration for the race closed, walk-up sign-ups are still taking place. .

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Diane Stewart Strodel August 31, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Green Jeans New and Recycled Children's Boutique, which is right on Main Street, will be featuring art work from Rachel Swartz, the t-shirt winner for the 5K! We will be cheering on participants right on Main Street and will be offering free coffee! Come in and see our new Boutique!


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