U.S. Senate Nominee Bongino at County Fair

U.S. Senate Republican Party Nominee Dan Bongino made an appearance at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.

Bongino on the county fair:

“We love it! It’s our second day back. We spent a time a lot of time here. This is Montgomery County week, I’m running state-wide for U.S. Senate so I have to spend a lot of time running around the state, but Montgomery County is a priority for me, always has been. I just like to greet people, I think it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s a lost art, showing up, in politics. You’ve got to show up and look people in the eye. We love it. It’s great to talk to people.”


Bongino on the turnout at the fair:

“The hotter days, it sounds obvious, but the hotter days tend to lighten up the foot traffic, but it’s been good. I was here last year, spent a whole week and it’s been about as crowded as last year. It’s always a good event to come to.”


Bongino on the biggest part of his platform:

“My saying is 'Jobs, not Taxes,' meaning we should grow jobs before we grow the taxes. Listen, you want to pay high taxes come January as part of the tax avalanche coming, I’m not your candidate. I have no problem paying taxes, I just don’t want to pay anymore and I don’t think anybody else does either. Pay what we now, use it responsibly and come back to us for more, but not now. So tax reform is a priority.”


Bongino on the opportunity for more exposure at the fair:

“In politics, you have to go where the people are. It sounds right, but some won’t, and this is a great opportunity to get out, shake hands, press the flesh and look people in the eye. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to get their questions. We’re not all about tax reform. We’ve got other things on health care, education, you name it. There are issues people really care about and this is an opportunity. It’s kind of like a big town hall.”


Bongino on his favorite type of fair food:

“I’m a pit beef guy. Pit beef, I love it. Always have.”


Follow Dan Bongino on Twitter @DBongino.




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