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I'm a happily married stay-at-home-mom to 3 wonderful children living in Germantown, MD.  My eldest is a typically developing 6 year old first grader.  I also have a set of girl/boy twins who will soon be 5, both diagnosed with Classic Autism when they were 26 months old.  My daughter has also been diagnosed with ADHD. Life is not what I imagined it would be at this stage, but it's still my life, and it's good.  We have good days and we have bad days, just like everyone else.  I started blogging to cope with things not progressing the ways that I wanted them to go.  Sometimes I vent about problems.  Sometimes I share in a glorious moment.  Sometimes I try to educate others.  It really depends on what I feel like saying when I sit down at the computer to "blog".  But I do promise that everything I write is honest and heartfelt, even though I may contradict myself from time to time as I learn new things.
But I have made it my mission to try to convince others to simply "get it".  Autism is real.  Autism affects 1:110 children; 1:70 boys and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate.  No one understands what causes autism so it's not something that we can really prevent.  We can just address the problems as they arise. My personal blog can be found at http://www.myfamilysexperiencewithautism.blogspot.com.
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