The Facebook Page Discriminating Against Children with Progeria.

Let's report the Facebook page that is discriminating against children with Progeria- the rare genetic disease.

Social media most of the time is a way to help people, to bring awareness, or to begin a campaign. Apparently not to “Warrior Henry” who decided to create the page “Stop the Alien Before It’s Too Late.” His Facebook creation is aimed to make fun of children with Progeria, a rare and genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children, and having a cause of death heart failure or stroke with still not specific treatment.

He uses pictures from Linsay Ratcliffe, the 8 years old girl that lives with progeria, and has been brave enough to bring awareness, and be the voice of 1 in 4 - 8 million newborns that are reported with the illness. Acording to progeriaresearch.org, it affects both sexes equally and all races. In the past 15 years, children with Progeria have been reported all over the world, including in Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia.

Henry discriminative act and some of his sympathizers go as far as calling girls such as Lindsay Ratcliffe “abominations” and how people should join the page to help “destroy those aliens!”

Warrior Henry also gives advice in how to destroy them when you are attacked ny a group of aliens.

“When you're attacked by group of aliens try to run away. If you're surrounded by them try to kill yourself. When you're caught they'll probably torture you. Tell them that we're not ready for their invasion. They'll be surprised when the invasion begins. Courage my friends!-Warrior Henry”

Members such as Kyle Tornow in response to the above statement says that “That is good advice but remember you cant let it infect you with its germs. Aliens are filthy vile creatures and only fire will truly destroy these evil abominations.” 

The page created in July 10 has already 248 likes, and is growing immensely each day, has also a post by Lieutenant George Malewski in regards to the disbelief about the disease.

“Recently some people brainwashed with alien propaganda started to tell us things like 'she's beautiful' or 'she has some kind of disease'. You actually think I'd believe that? I am not stupid, that girl is obviously an alien and you know it! All we have to do now is find their nest and burn it down and she'll scream like no one other. And if you still think she's a sick human then I feel sorry for you. There's no other way to help you then kill you with her.”

However, most people rely to the page with complete disguise to think that someone would have such a vicious mind. Linda Marinque outbursts her thoughts full of anger towards the page 

“Dude I don’t know why your calling her an alien because your picture should be the profile picture you are a f* ugly peace of trash inside and out. I would understand why no one in the world would ever want to ever be friends with you ! You cold hearted bastard. This little innocent girl is BEAUTIFUL ! No matter what! She’s 5! Would u like it if u had a baby girl that age and people calling her and alien?? NO ! karmas is a b* ! I hope one day one of your son/daughter come out like this and people make fun of her. How would you feel ?! I have so much respect for this little girl she’s seriously an inspiration showing that no matter what everyone is strong! i really hope you roght in hell”

Facebook users may report the page based on act of discrimination against someone with an illness. Progeria is a serious illness with brave young people that should never have to live their already short life with people full of hatred. These are children, angels, as some call, who inspire many with their courage, and smiles. 

You may acquire more info at www.progeriaresearch.org

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