Gaithersburg Same Sex Couple First To Wed In Montgomery County Court

Gaithersburg's Joe Rouch and Jeff Aberle were the first same sex couple to be married in the Montgomery County Courthouse, The Gazette reports.

When same sex marriages became legal in Maryland on Jan. 1, five couples made appointments to be wed when the Montgomery County Courthouse reopened Jan. 2, The Gazette reported, and a Gaithersburg couple was the first to share their vows.

Joe Rouch and Jeff Aberle, a couple for more than 13 years, told The Gazette they considered going to Washington, D.C., Massachusetts or even Canada to get married.

“But we waited to see what would happen in Maryland, in our home state,” Rouch told The Gazette. “We wanted our family here and that's the most important thing.”

Rouch and Aberle were surrounded by nearly 20 family members — including their soon-to-be adopted daughter, 2-month-old Jamie Michelle, according to the report.

Read the full story on The Gazette.

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