Police Arrest Man For Road Rage, Pointing Rifle

Police say the 18-year-old was driving on Sam Eig Highway when the assault happened.

An 18-year-old Gaithersburg area man was arrested on Valentines Day after he pointed a rifle at a driver during a road rage incident earlier this month, police said.

Kenneth A. Johnson Jr., of the 17800 block of Washington Grove Lane, was charged with 1st and 2nd degree assault, and has been released on $5,000 bond, according to online court records.

On Feb. 8 at around 7:20am, police were called to Sam Eig Highway between the Intercounty Connector and Great Seneca Highway, police report.

The victim said that after getting into a verbal arguement with the suspect about his driving actions, the suspect pulled a rifle from the back seat of his car and held it as if he was going to shoot, police said.

When the suspect noticed the victim on his cell phone, he drove away toward I-270, police said.

The victim described the suspect's car as a red Honda and gave police the license plate number, police said.

Police tracked down the car and yesterday arrested Johnson.

According to online court records, Johnson was arrested in August of 2011 for trespassing and resisting arrest. He pled guilty to the trespassing charge and was given six months probation with all but the two days served in jail suspended.

No court date or attorney information was listed in online court records.

Sharon February 16, 2012 at 09:15 PM
I don't understand?! Previous arrest this menace only given 6 months 'probation' with ALL but TWO days served suspended. And, a month or two after probation is up, he is charged with 1st AND 2nd degree assault yet allowed out on the streets on bond?!!!!
Ivan Stang February 17, 2012 at 04:54 AM
This area the young jerks think they can merge any second and change lanes as often as they like without using blinkers and merging and cutting people off. The really sad part is he did this in a honda HAhahahahaha!!! Lots of bad soccer mom types in green vans on great seneca who try to run people over thinking they are the king of the road. Or a person who will make a left turn within a mile but decides to stay in the right lane until the last second to merge in front cutting people off. I ahve grown wise to that move and now they get all angry when they can't do that anymore. Awwwww poor babies!


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