Montgomery County Council President Denies He Has $1,265 in Unpaid Traffic Tickets

TV reporter confronts Councilman Craig Rice with records of more than $1,000 worth of unpaid parking and traffic tickets.

Montgomery County Council President Craig Rice (D-Germantown). FILE | Patch
Montgomery County Council President Craig Rice (D-Germantown). FILE | Patch

After a TV reporter confronted him with records of more than $1,000 worth of unpaid traffic and parking tickets, Montgomery County Council President Craig Rice (D-Germantown) told  The Washington Post the tickets have been paid.

According to WJLA, Rice had a tab of $1,265 in unpaid tickets from the past three years.

One of the tickets was given in September, a record that was first noted at the Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County’s website on Friday.

The TV station reports that in that case, Rice was driving in an I-270 HOV lane alone during morning rush hour. Rice reportedly told WJLA that he was only in the lane because he was passing another vehicle.  He contested the $80 ticket and had asked for a trial, but he missed the court date because he was at the 100,000 Homes Campaign, a housing initiative for homeless people, according to news accounts.

He insists that he paid the ticket.

Rice reportedly told WJLA that he didn’t know anything about several other outstanding citations from Washington, DC, and Annapolis. He said the tickets were sent to the dealership where he leased his vehicle and never were forwarded to him, according to news accounts.

WJLA reported that Montgomery County District Court asked the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to suspend Rice’s driver’s license. But a spokesman for the MVA reportedly told The Washington Post that that was not true.

>>>See WJLA’s full report at WJLA.com

SBBMD December 11, 2013 at 07:42 AM
He doesn't have >$1000 in unpaid tickets NOW because he paid them AFTER WJLA CONFRONTED HIM. You add them all up and it was quite a lot of tickets (at least 10 based on other coverage of this). The Maryland Court records showed three prior speeding tickets under his name in the last few years, and the word "speeding" is not even mentioned in this article. Whether the tickets were eventually paid is besides the point: why does someone who is in a position of power to write laws get so many tickets for breaking them?
James C. Walker December 14, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Lots of officials operate under the principle of "Do as I say, not as I do." until they get caught. It is hypocrisy all the way. James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association


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