POLL: Were the Gazette's Endorsements Revenge?

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Councilwoman Cathy Drzyzgula has some skin in the game, but she's against the Gazette after it chose not to endorse her reelection campaign this week.

She says her testimony earlier this year in favor of a bill that could hurt newspaper advertising revenue motivated the paper's choices.

The Gazette declined to comment.

What do you think?

Bill Redmond November 03, 2011 at 05:31 PM
Who knows? Of course, there is no set of rules defining the basis for a newspaper's political endorsements. In the days of Harry Truman, there were "Republican papers" and "Democratic papers." There are newspapers that reflect the views of business (WSJ?) and the political left. Part of selecting and reading a newspaper is knowing the bias of the editor and publisher. We have an expectation that they will constrain that bias to the Op/Ed pages and provide an unbiased reporting of the "News" but sometimes the line between the two gets a little blurry. Endorsements are editorials. Whose opinions would Ms. Dryzgula wish the Gazette to express if not their own and what standards would she have them apply in making a selection? There are nearly as many opinions as there are citizens.


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